Awaken the Fire Within You!

Ming's pic of meFeeling lost, drained, sad, frustrated, hurt, angry, or stuck?  I can help!

As a certified Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Medium, Advanced Angel Card Reader, and Spiritual Healer, I can empower you to transform your world and trust your intuition and instincts, healing the past and shifting you into excitement for what’s still to come.

Interested? Get more details here.

Visit my ‘Above 540 Healing Hub‘ page for more info on the online space and community I am a co-owner of, and check out for details on the amazing soul tribe, workshops, and courses we offer online, as well as access to our weekly newsletter that offers free meditations, weekly readings, and more free tools.

Every week, we post a free weekly card reading on our YouTube page and stay connected with clients and followers through Facebook and Twitter.

For information or to order your copy of my award-winning book, “Opening Up”, or my newest book, “Leap!”, click on the title that interests you.

Get free advice, exercises, and inspiration searching my Blog.

All readings, courses, and healings are shared online at Above 540.

Call/text or email (403-878-4800 or, to schedule your Angel party, or for more information on our soul tribe. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am here to help! I wish you peace, love and happiness.

Blessings, Lisa Driver

Flight of the Phoenix Spiritual Healing & Coaching - Lisa Driver

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